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Frankincense Trail

West Salalah (half-day tour, 4 hrs, time - morning/evening) / distance 190 km

Visit the tomb of Nabi Ayoub (Jobs Tomb) perched high up in the Qara Mountains. It is a lovely drive and (weather permitting) you should enjoy a superb view of the city. You continue to the unspoiled beach at Mughsail, noted for its blowholes and at the nearby sanctuary, you may see flamingos at rest. After we will continue the road which takes you to the border of Yemen, the most spectacular in the country with hairpin bends that are almost terrifying, and yet the road itself is a wonderful feat of engineering, along the way, you pass Frankincense trees that dot the otherwise arid mountainside. Once traded as a commodity more precious than gold, during the caravan routes to Egypt the frankincense harvested in this region is rated the best in the world.

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