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One of the most characteristic and significant historical sights in the Sultanate is its majestic forts. These were built by Portuguese seafarers along the coast and also by Omani rulers (the Imams) in the interior.  The two Muscat forts, Mirani and Jalali, dominating old Muscat harbour look majestically .. more >>

Mountains, Caves and Wadis

Oman is considered the greenest country of the Arabian Peninsula and not without reason. About fifteen percent of the territory of the Sultanate is occupied by mighty mountains, with natural viewpoints opening fascinating natural landscapes and idyllic valleys. One part of the Hajar Mountains on a ridge .. more >>

Deserts and Oases

Majestic desert takes up the greater part of the territory of Oman. It is about several hours driving from Muscat. To the West, bordering the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Oman possesses a piece of the Rub al- Khali or "Empty Quarter", which occupies almost 25 percent of the Arabian Peninsula .. more >>

The Nature of the Wild

Bird watching fans will find many opportunities in Oman for bird watching. The 45-kilometers of coast between the capes of Ras al Hadd, the easternmost point of Arabia, and Ras al Ruwais is an area where thousands of green turtles come to lay their eggs. A significant part of the beach in this area is .. more >>


The Sultanate of Oman is a traditional Muslim state, therefore traditional local practice is to visit relatives and friends, walk on the beach and visiting the numerous restaurants and cafes for kahwa, the traditional Arabic coffee of the Region, or something more substantial. However, tourists who decided .. more >>