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Arabian Heritage

 Eastern part of Dhofar (half-day tour, 4-5 hrs, time - morning/evening) / Distance 220 km

Our first stop will be fishing village of Taqa and its old fort, surrounded by watchtowers and taqa stone houses.

Drive along the magnificent coastline complete with a sandy stretch and a broad Swathe of coconut palms. Continue to Khor Rouri queen of shaiba port which builted in the 1st century once an important port for frankincense trade, where excavations have produced evidence of the ancient city of Samhuran, which had trade links by sea to the Far East, Egypt and Greece. Not far away is Mirbat, the ancient capital of Dhofar, which in the 9th century, traded in frankincense, Arabian horses and slaves and today is admired for its beautiful old coral Dhofari/Yemeni style houses, some of which are up to 700 years old. At Mirbat cemetery visit the 11th century tomb  a twin domed structure - of Bin Ali, a fine example of medieval architecture. On the way back we will visit wadi hina a short drive in magnetic mountain where you be able also to see baobab trees (African trees) and   next stop is wadi Darbat a beautiful wadi with its natural acacias trees park and its a place where you can find a lot of animals (like camel cows and donkeys). Our last visit is Ayn Razat the Gardens is located at the foot of the Qara Mountains and is famed for its natural springs. Back to your hotel.

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