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Seren Salalah

Salalah City tour (duration 3 hrs, time - morning/evening) / distance 80 km

Salalah the "garden city" of the south is a tropical paradise. Coconut groves stretch out along the sheer endless beach; orchards of banana and papaya dominate the countryside, and vegetables gardens form a patchwork quilt of green.  The tour starts with a visit to the Salalah Museum, to learn about the history, culture and traditions of the Dhofar region. Beside is al Baleed archeological park the second old port from 7th century till 14th it was the port for dispatching frankincense, mure, slaves, and fish oil. Next Visit is the gold Souq where shops that line the street are just full of the glittering yellow metal. Next visit is the Sultan palace, one of beautiful palace with decoration of Taqa stones (lime stone) and finally our last visit is the traditional souq where you can enjoy the fresh evening breeze at the Hafa souq, and as you stroll past the tiny shops breathe in the scented air filled with the aroma of frankincense.

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