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Jeep-tour to Wadi Bani Auf and Bilad Seet

Full-day jeep-tour to the Hajjar Mountains and breath-taking, secluded mountain villages.

The trip begins with a visit (a photo-opportunity only) to the fertile Batinah valley and the majestic fortress of Nakhl one of the best-known in Oman. After a short stop, continue your drive along the foot of the mountains and down a wadi (dry river bed) - Wadi Bani Auf. Here, during storms, the rain merges into numerous waterfalls. There is the mysterious Snake Canyon, whose winding path is strongly reminiscent of a coiled snake. Climb gently up through the mountains and arrive at the peak-top village Bilad Seet perhaps, the most picturesque of these places. Small, ancient houses in the village cling to the mountain slope overlooking the emerald green palm oasis and fertile, agricultural terraces. Have a rest in one of the gorgeous numerous valleys. Later, drive back on the mountain road, passing through another ravine - Wadi Sahtan - before exiting to the main road and returning to Muscat.

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