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Nizwa and the Picturesque Foothills

The full-day trip familiarizing you with the history of Oman in ancient capital Nizwa and combined with visit of picturesque foothills of the East Hanjjar Mountains.

In the morning meet the guide in the hotel lobby and departure on the tour of Nizwa, where you will visit the ancient fort and national old market. Nizwa was once a capital of Oman and till now stores its glory and popularity. Visit the fort of Nizwa with its huge 50-metre (in diameter) tower. Also visit the Nizwa souq, one of the oldest in Oman. Later proceed to Hamra and the small mountain village Misfat-al-Abrin. It is one of the most picturesque mountain villages in Oman, which houses cling to the rocks over the palm oasis. Walking in this surprising oasis will let you feel breath of time which like has stopped in this corner of the earth. On the way back to Muscat, a stop at the ruins in Tanuf village located in a secluded gorge.

 Hoota Cave visit can be included into this trip to see the cave stalactites, stalagmites and underground lake (preliminary booking of the cave visit is required; Cost of entrance tickets is paid in addition).

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