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Musandam Province

This Omani province is located in the far north, it is a small piece of land situated between UAE and the Strait of Hormuz. It is often called the Omani Norway. This little-known area posses a unique natural phenomenon - an intricate labyrinth of tiny islands, fjords and skerries, abounding turquoise inlets and secluded bays. This province is simply ideal for bathing. You can even reach these islands by sailing on a traditional Arabian dhow (sailing boat). Omanis consider the Musandam as a very peaceful place. The province is very small only three thousand square kilometers mostly consisting of high mountains. One of them is Jebel Khadjar, where mountain goats, tahrs and leopards can be found. Acacia trees, jujubes, wild almonds and mountain wormwood grow there. The Musandam is enclosed on all sides by the UAE and it is possible to reach it by road from the UAE, by plane to its capital, Khasab or by high speed ferry from Muscat sea port.

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