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Desert Nights Camp (luxury camp)

Camp-Oasis in the golden sands and the untamed spectacular open spaces. Surrender to the spirit of the Wahiba sands, where guests can enjoy the ultimate in personalized service and an adventure that caters to their whims and fancies. The camp is only a two hour drive away from Muscat. It is sprawled across 10-acres of silken sands, secluded 11 km within the vast isolation of the Omani desert. 30 luxurious Bedouin style tents await those who seek the ultimate desert adventure vacation.

Attached unit - Two-beds or a queen size bed in an attached unit

Double tented unit - Two room suite with bed room and living room (sitting area inside & outside)

Family tented unit - Three-rooms suite with two bed rooms and one living room (sitting area inside & outside); queen sized bed under a cloth canopy and suffused light in the Master bedroom; two twin beds in the additional bed room 

In-Room Facilities: 

Two Dunes Restaurant - Tastefully furnished with traditional Omani wooden furniture. Offers a range of exquisite cuisine including International, Indian, Chinese, Arabic and Continental. Special meals are also available on request.

Recreational Facilities: 

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