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Journey to Orient-Tale

During our cloudless childhood we were all engrossed in the reading of fascinating fairy tales from the collection of "1001 nights", in which caravans of dreams floated in amazing stories, each one better than the other. White-headed sultans were wisely ruling their countries; wrapped up in gorgeous clothes peris were telling their fairy-tales to voluptuous viziers, brave seafarers were travelling all the way to the end of the world searching for adventure, and, of course, like an incense-burned-cloud genies were granting anything their owners wish for. You can say that these are just myths and legends that could never happen and yes and no. There is a country in the world the reality of which has been composed from the most fascinating imaginations and has stood like that for ages. It is the Sultanate of Oman, the homeland of the Sinbad the Sailor and flying carpets, and the friendliest country of the Arabian Gulf. The country is ruled by a real sultan and his people live as in a fairy tale. Here you can have a perfectly serene beach holiday and combine this with interesting excursions into the interior. In Oman you can find a wide variety of scenic views and great contrasts in the landscape. There are no futuristic skyscrapers coldly shining on the bright sun, no artificial islands and even no traffic jams. Only here, stopped in time, remains the real ancient Arabia. Only here you can find the quintessence of the Orient.
And this wonderful place is just six hours flight from the middle of Europe...